Sunday, April 27, 2008

Creative Ideas For Storage/Display Above Your Doorways

Storage/Display in neat places
Most of us don't think much about the space that exists above the doorways in our home but it is space isn't it? Valuable space that you can use to display and also to store things. Here is an example of the space that you can create above a doorway.

This is a space that I created in a hallway. Using two wood brackets and a shelf I now have a place to display some floral arrangements and a copper tray.

The two brackets I used were purchased at
Home Depot, primed and painted in an off white color.
I use a lot of this wood rope trim. I love the way it looks and it adds a smooth, finished look to the shelf.
Ok, so my daughter is 15 years old and still won't give up the stuffed animals! She piles them onto her bed which makes it impossible to make in the morning. I added a shelf to the top of her door to store "some" of the animals. I really shoved them in there using two pine boards to accommodate a large number of characters that seem to reproduce over night.

If you can take your eyes off of all the "posters" and junk on the door you'll notice the shelf above that stores all the animals. I installed this shelf on the left by just resting it on the other door's trim and adding a piece of trim to the right, painting it the same color of the wall. If you are really tight on space you can actually store things in the back and display some pretty items in the front to hide your secret storage area.

Check around your house and see if there are places you can use above the doors. Just another place that we never think of............

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  1. Christy,

    Great idea! I know I am always looking for new storage ideas. Not only is it functional, but it looks good, too.

    That's a really attractive arrangement you've chosen for your hallway shelf!

  2. Great dear husand is going to ban me from your site. That is beautiful and functional. I really like how it can look mature for the shared spaces and fun for kids rooms.

  3. I hope your husband doesn't ban you because I still have plenty of ideas to post!!


  4. I love this! Thanks Christy, I am off to find a spot to add one of these shelves. p.s. My husband may ban me from your site too, I keep adding projects to our list!