Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Random Projects

Hope everyone had a great Christmas holiday!!  Lot's of work, decorating and cooking, but well worth it if you can enjoy all of the festivities. I haven't had much time to work and any projects so I'm posting some random things I completed before the holidays.
I found this adorable decorative, wheel barrel in the Goodwill for 6 bucks.  I thought it may look cute out in the yard with some flowers planted in it.  It was in great condition and just needed a little painting. I sprayed it white and then added some detail with acrylics.

A final few coats of varnish will hopefully keep it from rotting.


Several months ago, I felt like fooling around with some FIMO.  If you're familiar with FIMO, it's a moldable clay that is ultimately placed into a household oven to harden.  I designed this little garden of mushrooms just because-I love mushrooms.  They now sit on my kitchen table.

I used white clay for the stems, base, grass and base and red clay for the tops.
I then painted the base brown and the grass green.  When completed, the mushroom garden was clear coated with spray.


Mushroom garden

Christy01 02 12

Friday, December 9, 2011

Decorating Something Different

This year I'm adding something different to my Christmas decor. It never occurred to me to decorate a lamp fixture, but I thought it might look nice and add a focal point to the dining room table. It didn't cost much and added a nice feature to the room.  I picked up some silk red berries, gold poinsettia's, some wired evergreen, red bows and gold icicles.  Everything is added to the light fixture so that when Christmas is over, it's easy to remove. I thought it came out pretty nice.

Every year this concept could change with a different theme. I sort of gravitate to the more "classic" Christmas style, hence the colors and items I chose.

Have a great Christmas!!

Christy01 02 12