Thursday, August 18, 2011

DIY recipe card holder

It's been a long, hot summer.....way, too long. I feel like I haven't left the house in ages. I can't wait for some cooler weather. Maybe soon? All this keeps me inside the house and looking for some crafty ways to keep busy.

I came up with this idea a few weeks ago. Something inspired me-don't even remember what it was. Maybe it's the fact that when I take out a recipe it lies on the counter and get most of the ingredients attached to it. Yuck....

This little DIY item works!


-Wood dowel. Mine is about 2" in diameter. Home Depot or Lowe's carries them. It's about 6 inches high.

-Wood stand. I bought mine at a craft store for 50 cents.

-Wood glue.

-Acrylic paint

-A clothes pin. In this case, I found this ladybug at the craft store. It obviously will hole the recipe card for me. You could use a plain clothes pin and glue something to the top to embellish it.

-clear varnish to finish

I cut the dowel on an angle so it keeps my recipe card properly positioned-so I can actually see it.

I glued the dowel to the base and then glued the ladybug to the dowel.

Next it was painted and then sprayed with clear gloss. Done!

And, here it is in action.

Cute, but functional. I like that!

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