Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Home For Your Plants

I have a bunch of small plants hanging around the house and I'm getting tired of trying to find just the right place for them. This is the solution a came up with-a terrarium. I've never had one before but felt that I was up to the challenge. After a little reading and preparing, I ordered this from Amazon. Apparently there is a particular way to set these contained gardens up.

  • First layer should be pebbles or sand combined with charcoal (got mine in the pet department of Walmart-it's used in fish tanks)

  • Second layer is soil. You can get creative here and add hills, valleys and some rocks.

  • Add your plants. I put in miniature African violets, cactus and another plant (have no idea what it is).

  • cover with some live moss

Terrariums are low maintenance only needing a spritz of water ever so often. They make great focal points in a room, especially if you love plants.

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  1. This terrarium is beautiful! I remember making a few of these with my mom when I was a kid. But she is a plant killer, I think they got over watered.

  2. Yes, it really is! Over watering usually kills a terrarium, so I just spray mine with water every week. So far, it is still alive.