Saturday, July 28, 2012

When In Doubt-paint your rooms neutral.

I've received lots of email lately about painting rooms in the home, specifically the color. Many of those emails come from teenagers who are wondering what color they should pick. I've heard it doesn't like my choice, I'm going to college in 2 years and they don't want to repaint the room and I'm just not really sure what I want. Sound familiar?

Painting a room is the most cost effective way to change the entire look. The color choice is sometimes good and sometimes, not so good. Pick the color, get the can home, put it on the wall and it looks terrible. It's happened to me plenty of times. Colors also change the feel of a room. Blue makes it feel cool, green is a great color to promote healing, red, orange and yellow promotes appetite (who needs that) and pink can make a room feel warmer. Timing plays a part too. What if you are planning on moving in 5 years? What if the kids are leaving for college in 2 years. Do you really want to paint that room a deep shade of red and then have to come back and redo the entire room again, primer and all??

I responded to all that wrote to me about painting their rooms. My suggestion was to paint the room neutral. If you are moving, that works. If you kids are leaving for college soon, that works too. But what about color? Everyone has a favorite, so why not use that too. A neutral room with all the perfect colors. For the mom who didn't want her kid painting their room electric green, then paint it neutral and add the electric green everywhere else. A few examples.

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The two photos above show neutral paint colors with bright punches of color and it looks great. Once the furniture and accessories are removed, you have a neutral colored room.

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The above photo shows a bedroom where the neutral walls even exist in the brick work.
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The above den has some real colorful accents added but the surrounding environment remains neutral.
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This is especially pretty. The neutral wall color is white and the blue accents look amazing.
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Neutral colors with additions of pink and green. Remove the furniture and your room is white.
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I especially love the above room. Neutral beige on the wall, white furniture and tropical green accents.
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The neutral walls work great in a kitchen as well. Here, the cabinets are also neutral. The lime color in the stools add so much to the room.
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Pink and brown accents with a beige environment.
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Black and hot pink against neutral. Wild and crazy, but removable.

There are many things that can make painting a room neutral the right choice.
-if you like change, go with neutral and change you accents frequently.
-if you are going to sell your house in a few years, go with neutral. Selling agents always recommend neutral tones when selling your house.
-if the kids are heading to college in a few years, you have just made your life a lot easier.

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