Thursday, May 1, 2008

Reader's Projects

Marilyn wrote to me with ideas for some wine crates she purchased at the store. She came up with this creative use-a planter for her garden.

Here is how she describes this project:

Here is a very basic use for discarded wooden wine crates. First, I sealed the wood and then lined it with plastic to guard against wood rot. (In addition, I placed the crate on 2 bricks to elevate the box and provide good air circulation. )

Then I drilled holes in the bottom, filled it with good potting soil and planted it.

I decided against staining the boxes, preferring a rustic look. These boxes are very sturdy and I think could likely be used again next year.

I think my next project is going to take another wine crate apart and try to make a bird house. I really hate to see seeing these wine crates ending up in a dumpster when there are so many things that could be made from the wood.

*I love this idea. What a great way to use something that others may just throw away. I love the look this little box adds to your garden. It gives me a real country feel and it blends real nice with nature. If you get around to making that birdhouse, please send me a picture that I can post. You have some wonderful ideas!!!
For all the rest of you.....I know you are working on some great projects. Share you creativeness, ideas and photos. Send me your pictures!! I would love to post them here and I am certain that others will enjoy looking at them.
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  1. Hi Christy,

    One small correction. These wine crates were free, and were headed to the dumpster when I spotted them. After asking permission first, I was told to take as many as I wanted. Now..that's a deal!

    This is good sturdy pine, free for the taking!

  2. Oh Marilyn, my apologies!! I could have sworn you bought these at Costco. I must have been thinking about someone else. That makes you project even more thrifty!!

  3. Love the gardening theme going on right now - keep up the great blogging, I need all the inspiration I can get in the decorating department (indoors and outdoors).