Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Painting Brick

I didn't know if you could paint brickwork.  My front porch bricks were so faded and old looking, that it just gave the whole front entrance a sad look.  It's looked like this for a few years now.  The sun beats down on those bricks everyday for hours, so time was really showing on them. Let's face it: the front door is the very first thing you see when when you arrive at someone's house. It should look friendly, clean and welcoming-don't ya think?
I searched around the Internet for some help, but didn't find much.  So hard could it

I took a ride to Home Depot and bought a bottle of cement stain.  It's full strength and you're suppose to add it to cement.  So I figured that I could add a little water and  just paint it onto my bricks.  I wasn't sure if it would work but for 6 bucks I wasn't going to lose much. It doesn't say that you can use this stuff for painting brick, cut it's close enough for me.

I picked a bright, sunny day and went to work.

1. Water
2. Cement stain
3. paintbrush
4. cup of coffee for myself 'cause it's pretty early.

Before starting this project, I power washed the porch. Nice and clean and ready to roll. It must be dry though.

I simply painted every brick and just couldn't get over the transformation. Wow....I'm so glad I did this.  Now the important part is: will it last?  What if it rains and the paint comes off?  What if it doesn't last? Will it fade with time?  I can answer some questions.

It did rain and the paint is still there. That's good.
It could fade over time.  I'm hoping it sticks around though, because it looks really good.

Don't know if it will last but it's been four weeks and it's still looking good.
So I think that you CAN paint brick.  This paint just absorbed into the old brick like the brick was a sponge, so I'm pretty sure it will last a while.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Repurposing Old Glassware

Here are some cute ideas for glassware that you may have hanging around.  It's a great way to use pieces that have lost their use in your home.  In other words, they are random pieces that need a new use and a new purpose.  The whole idea is to find nice plates or bowls that you like and glue them to candlestick holders.

Here are some examples:
  I found this metal candlestick in the Goodwill.  It was ugly and dark green so I painted it red.

 Below is a glass bowl that I also purchased in a thrift store.  Total cost: $2.00 for both.  The bowl was clear when I bought it.  It had raised "roses" on the bottom so I hit it with Rub N Buff.  This product (comes in small tubes) and works well with the tip of your finger. It also comes in many colors.  Just place a little on your finger and rub over the edges that are raised.  The effect is seen below.

When it's all dry I sprayed it with red spray paint.  Rustoleum is my spray of choice. It's very durable and permanent. 

Here's what it looks like from above the bowl. When the bowl and candlestick are all dry, glue them together. I use E-6000 glue.  Works great when attaching glass.

 Here is the same idea using a similar bowl.  This one was also clear, with ridges. The candlestick was clear glass as well.  I've used the Rub N Buff again and sprayed the entire piece black. I love the way this one looks. When they are all finished, these work great for serving candy or cookies.  I'm thinking they would be great around the holidays.

Here I have used small plates and sprayed the clear, glass candlesticks brown & black. I also added some glass beads at the base.  These work well as candy dishes.

They are very unusual and unique.  Would make great gifts too!  I would stick to hand washing them.  I'm currently trying this out for a cake plate.  


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Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Man In the Moon

Sometimes you find something and think to yourself, what can I do with this?  What was it, what does it need and what was it meant to be?  I call this vision.  Looking at a piece of junk and having the vision to repurpose it.

I found this candle holder in a thrift store and decided to make it new and different looking.  It was made out of brass and was hollow in the center. I'm not sure what was in the center to begin with, but a piece of colored glass would fill it in nicely.  Also, the candle holder (which is behind the piece) would light up the glass.

I sprayed the brass piece with some Rustoleum Hand hammered antique brass spray paint.
 Painted some yellow dots on the moon (IDK, it just looked like it needed some whimsy.

 Clear coated the entire piece to protect the paint and it's all finished!
Looks really cute with a candle behind it.

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