Sunday, April 6, 2008

Reader's Projects

Thank you to Kyle for sending photos of this project.

Here is the description:

We decorate in a Shabby Chic Country style. Here are the pictures of the frame that I very recently painted. The frame has wire I found on the side of the road and we use wooden clothes pins to pin pictures to it. The frame was purchased at an antique fair and the wire is staple gunned to it. When decorating Shabby Chic color is everything you have to work in the color palate and when you do you get that laid back “thrown together” look which is perfect for our country cottage!

I can send you more pictures of the house if you like these. If not that’s fine too, I’ve never submitted pix of my house to anything. We have lots of cheap projects going on at Rooster Hill (Master, Front Garden, girls room, free Pie Safe to Entertainment center, free Table to 2 nightstands) . We just moved in November! I have 3 girls in one room so you can pray that God will give me the ability to organize!

This is a great idea for hanging family photohgraphs and even messages. I love what people are doing out there and even better is that they are willing to share those ideas with my readers. Please keep those photographs and descriptions coming.

Looks like Kyle has a blog as well.

Check it out: Lots of frugal and creative ideas for the family.

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  1. Thanks for posting the pictures. I am honored to be here I love beautiful homes and I love them even more when I find out how frugally they've been decorated!