Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Changing The Look of Kitchen Canisters

Exactly why are canisters so hard to find? I looked around for a set for a long time before I found three in Kirkland's. They weren't great, but they were the right color and functional, that's all I was looking for anyway.
However, the tops were cheap, quickly broke and looked like crap. Take a look:

The plastic tops cracked and just looked cheap to me. I thought about a way to make the tops look like a better match to the kitchen and provide a richer feel. I purchased three decorative wood disks at the craft store, on sale $1.00 each and painted them with acrylics. I selected several colors that would compliment the bases and just changed the position on each top.

Check it out below:

After they were finished I put three coats of Rustoleum Triple Thick spray on them. I love this stuff!! I gives you a "glass" finish and dries very quickly. I've been able to get it at Walmart for a pretty reasonable price.

At least I don't have to go out and buy more canisters now. These now look like I wanted them to look like in the first place. The lesson learned here is that you can sometimes fix up something, add to it, subtract or embellish it to make it what you want it to be.

More Clipboards....

I've also painted another clipboard. Clipboards make a great canvas for painting. I got the idea for this picture from a photograph on the Internet and then just added, subtracted and rearranged some of my own ideas. This also has at least 5 coats of the Triple Thick Gloss. Although you can't see form the pic, the surface looks like glass.

This clipboard was actually a lot of work, but I did a little at a time and had some fun with it.

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