Sunday, May 2, 2010

More Cactus Pots and a Goodwill find

I worked on a couple of pots for my cactus collection last week. I'm up to about 12 now. Just a few more to paint and I'll be ready to find a spot to keep them.

A few weeks ago I went over to the local thrift store to check out some things. I found this odd candle holder there-$2.50. Most of the paint had worn off so I figured I could take it home and touch it up.
If you closely below you can see where there is a small place to put a tea candle.

I decided to use oil paint for this project. Acrylics seems to be just a little too bright for this job. I knew that the oils would give a more muted, antique look.
Not really the greatest of photos, but you can see that the oil paints worked the way I wanted them to. The oils took 4 days to dry and then I sprayed the whole thing with a clear coat to protect it. I put it outside on the porch where a small tea candle can be placed on it. It's actually pretty cute.

$2.50-you can't beat it!

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