Thursday, April 24, 2008

Reader's Projects

Another great, thrifty organization project from one of my readers: read on......

Christy I Love you blog!

We moved into a new house in November and the furniture that I purchased for the girls room did not fit as measured. Additionally, the dresser purchased for them needs much more extensive repairs then I thought when purchasing it. So we have been using a set of plastic drawers & shelves and wicker laundry baskets to organize the shoes & some clothes for 3 girls in one room.

The situation continued to get worse & worse as shoes were lost, clothes missing etc…. So I purchased 2 over the door shoe racks. One is in their closet and one is on the door into their room. We put 3 tan over sized totes in the closet to corral the sweats. I choose tan because it is a neutral and will compliment the color scheme of the room which is: Pink, purple, white, blue & tan. Keep in mind in Shabby chic decorating you have to stick to the color palette to make it work. I purchased 2 round white laundry baskets for PJ’s and shorts (the laundry baskets are a temporary but effective solution until the dresser is complete). We pulled out one of the two purple toy totes from the closet and put it on top of the book case I found on the side of the road.

With 3 girls in one room organization is a must! We are constantly on the look out for cute and compact organizers that fit into our color scheme at Garage sales, Goodwill, Salvation Army and Hospice Thrifts.

This room is a work in progress. We have already purchased the bunk beds for this room and hope to get them up in the next 2 weeks. After that the bunk is scheduled to be painted (in my spare time of course). The comforters (that I paid $5 each for at Round Top Antique Faire) are going to be tea dyed along with the beautiful ($3) shams. It goes on and on and on so basically like the rest of our house the girl’s room is headed toward Country Shabby Chic! If Christy allows I’ll keep you updated!

Thanks so much for sharing with us all these great organizational ideas. Considering all the obstacles, this was a great way to organize three girls. The shoe rack is something I have in all my bathrooms behind the doors to organize the bath and body supplies. Good work!!

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  1. I know how this goes... my three youngest children share a room... a very small room so getting organized and staying that way is an ongoing task. I hope to put up some shelves one day and get some containers and stuff for the shelf in the closet. But, I too, have the over-the-door shoe organizer! :-)