Monday, May 28, 2012

DIY Decorative Hooks

This is my latest project.  DIY decorative hooks. Easy, fun, cheap and yes, you can match them up to your own decor (that's my favorite part).  I purchased most of the items you'll see at Hobby Lobby.  Not everyone has this store near to them, but any craft store carries the supplies.  You can use just about anything you want to create this hooks. I started by buying a few wood plaques.  They ran me $1.00 each.  Took them home, sanded them slightly, and gave them a base coat.  See below.

On the back, I installed a keyhole hook.  These hooks are put in so you can efficiently hang them onto a wall.  They are available at Home Depot and Lowe's.  I used my Dremel to sand out a pocket to the keyhole could be inserted. Fuzzy pic....but you get the point.

 On these hooks I added some small mosaic tiles.  I used Wellbond glue (the very best there is for mosaics). Let that set up.
 These are the hooks I purchased at Hobby Lobby with a 40% coupon.  They are porcelain and look very pretty on the plaque.  I used Wellbond again to adhere the hooks and then inserted 2 small you can see below. I painted those screws a dark brass color to match.

 I purchased this turtle in New Orleans and made a hook out of it. On this hook, I just painted the plaque green, adding some painted grass. (not seen in the photo, I added it after).

Below is another hook I purchased in New Orleans. I painted the plaque brown, added some mosaic tile and finally, the hook.


and there you have it.  Some fun, creative and functional hooks for the home.
You can use mosaics, paint, Mod Podge, beads etc for the hooks.  They also make great gifts.

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