Friday, August 27, 2010

Fall Decorating

Some great decorating tips from Andrea Evans, owner of In The Pink Boutique. Andrea's retail building serves the upscale areas of Arcadia, Biltmore and Paradise Valley located in Arizona. Andrea has years of experience in interior design and her passion includes unique jewelry, home furnishings, collectibles and gift.

Below are 5 great ideas!

“Fall” into Decorating for Autumn!

By: Andrea Evans, Owner

As summer fades out and we cross into autumn, it is time to transform your home to capture the spirit of the season by adding spice and warmth. This year, take a look at the beauty of nature’s fall wardrobe by using the all the colors of the autumn palette such as, deep reds, warm browns, pale mauves, vibrant purples, and, as always, the traditional oranges and yellows of pumpkins and other fall vegetables. Whether you are spreading gourds and pumpkins around your kitchen, bathroom, or porch; or garnishing your sofa with soft, warm blankets, you'll find that it is small touches that go a long way when decorating your home for the autumn season!

1. To bring charm to your entryway add golden, red, and orange maple leaves to a plain wheat wreath for your front door, and plant red and orange mums in outdoor planters.

2When purchasing furnishings for your living room, look for furniture that is neutral and warm in color and fabric. Gold, brown, and mocha couches work well for all seasons, especially fall. Steer clear of couches with too much design, because neutral couches can be decorated with colorful, seasonal pillows. To create a warm, cozy feel, decorate with a few wooden furniture accents that complement the couch such as a coffee table and end tables. Only use three or four pieces in your living area to avoid clutter.

3. Use strategic fall accessories to bring elegance to each room. Place autumn berry vines in the window sills, and autumn colored throw pillows and blankets on the couch. Colorful candles, simple pictures, and wooden pumpkins give your living space a charming feel.

4. Set your table. Using placemats, table runners, and tablecloths in rich shades of the fall palette provides an instant glow to your table, and is an inexpensive way to decorate your dining room. Create a centerpiece out of small pumpkins, Indian corn gourds, maple leaves, dried flowers, berries and seed pods. Hang berry rings on kitchen cabinets, place a basket of apples on a countertop, and embellish empty spaces with berry vines and candy corn dishes.


5. Don’t forget candles! Carve out the center of fruits and vegetables such as apples and pumpkins to create votive holders, and use larger pumpkins for pillar candle holders. Swap out your summer pillar and taper candles with fall colored pillars and tapers. Even when not lit, candles bring warmth and beauty in their season’s colors.

Happy Decorating!!!!

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Mod Podge Candles

Mod Podge Candles
I made 8 of these candles for my screened in porch several months ago. In between each large screen, there is a sill that just needed candles. I made these to match the fabric on my chairs. Making things yourself gives you the ability to "match" it up with your room decor.

If you read this blog you know how much I enjoy using Mod Podge. It's great stuff for so many projects and I use it frequently.

I purchased 8 glasses at the dollar store. I used three colors of tissue paper (which I had at home) and a bottle of Mod Podge-glossy. I decided to use white tissue for the background thinking this would give my candles a frosted look, which it did.

Starting out:
I cut out a bunch of small squares of white tissue, used a brush and applied with the Mod Podge. The squares give the glass an unusual look when the candle is burning.

I did this to all 8 glasses. Then I cut out pedals and flowers using different colors (green & orange). These colors all match the porch fabrics.

For the center of the flower I glued on round glass jewels. All eight sit out on the porch. They came out so nice that I've decided to make some more for the fall. Maybe pumpkins?

Since Mod Podge tends to get sticky, I placed four cork pads on the bottom. This works to prevent the glass from sticking to the window sill.

No two are exactly alike but that's what gives them a hand made look.


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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fixing and touching up Goodwill paintings

I don't usually look around too much at paintings and prints at the thrift store. Lately though, I've been taking a second look. A few months ago I found a great print (future post) and a few weeks ago an acrylic painting. Actually, my thrift store-partner in crime found it. I had passed it up and she came right behind me and placed it into her basket. She asked, "can you fix this for me".
Taking a good look at it, I noticed several scratches and some general "wear" issues, nothing that can't be fixed with some paint!

I took it home with me and got to work. The truth is, it sat around for a few months before I got to it, but I'd like everyone to think I'm on top of these things.........not really...

The trick was to match up the colors and touch up the scratches. It didn't take long and it cost next to nothing. Now I have a better appreciation of "paintings" and "prints" in the thrift store. I look more closely now. They can be fixed!

Here it is all touched up. It's now hanging in my friends bedroom.

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