Monday, September 22, 2008

Setting Your Table

Table Settings

I have 8 teak plate chargers that have been sitting around in my dining room drawer for a couple of years. I don't use them very much but they are very pretty. Fiesta ware is what I use for everyday kitchen plates so I decided to paint a small design around each charger to match all the colors of my Fiesta ware. I'll bring that to you in a few days as I finish up the last plate.

While I'm on the subject of table settings I thought you may enjoy some real beautiful looks for tables. The more I see, the more I want some new looks for my own table. How about you?
I'm not all that formal, but I thought it may be important to show exaclty how a table should be set, as the above photo shows. You get the idea....

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A sweet setting for Valentine's Day. I love the heart shaped plate. Believe me, I'm tempted-but where do you store all these beautiful, theme plates?

photo: courtesy of colors are gorgeous together!

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I could see this around Christmas or New Years.

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I love the colors in this setting. A more traditional look, but lovely for sure.

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Happy Thanksgiving?I love this earthy look.

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A simple and elegant setting. Notice the sprigs of dried flower on every plate.

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A sophisticated look-very visual and geometric. This settings makes a statement. I could definately see this setting for a business dinner.

It's just fun to look around and see what others are doing on their tables. It's definately a way to show some creativity.
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  1. Beautiful pictures!
    I use Fiestaware too, for my everyday - and fancy - dishes. I couldn't decide on just one color, so I'm slowly building my way up to most all of the vibrant colors.
    I want to see how your chargers look when you're done!

  2. I came to your blog from "Crafty This and That" and I'm sure glad I did. I love all your decorating ideas.

    I deffinately want to come back and visit. Would it be okay if I put you on my side bar so I know when you have an update?

    Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. It would be absolutely fine if you put me on your sidebar. I'm flattered!!

    The chargers are almost done and I'll be posting them soon. They look really cute with the Fiesta ware.