Monday, September 29, 2008

Decorative Painting on Plate Chargers

Chargers For My Fiesta ware

Since I already had 8 teak wood charger plates, this project was easy. I decided to paint small rows of simple flowers around each charger to match the coordinating fiesta plate. In the photo below you can see the tiny flowers painted with acrylic paints. These flowers are orange and they go with the orange plate.

So I did this for each individual plate.

Red Fiesta plate with matching charger.

Green Fiesta plate

Teal Fiesta plate


Below a closer look at the painting

This plate is the only one that doesn't exactly match. I did that on purpose, so I would have one charger that would go with all the other colors I have. White with yellow centers.

A few of them together.....

Fiesta Yellow

A started each plate by painting alternating dots. Then I used a very thin brush and make plain little petals. No measuring, just free hand. No two plates are exact and that's exactly how I wanted it.
I've seen chargers in the store for reasonable prices. Wouldn't these look great with little rows of holly for the holidays?
Each plate was sprayed with a high gloss shellac to protect them. They are made of wood, so they can't be washed but they clean up very nicely with a quick wipe of a sponge.

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04 05 06
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  1. Love the chargers! They look great with your plates.

  2. These look GREAT!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Wow, those look really neat! I love the round placemat under them too. Now you've given me another idea to try. :)

  4. What a terrific idea! Your own custom chargers!! I love it!


  5. Actually you could customize chargers for all occasions. I love that idea but would probably run out of space quickly.

    I definately plan of getting some cheap chargers around the holidays and painting holly around them.