Friday, September 12, 2008

Changing Your High Hat Lights Into Hanging Pendants

What A Neat Idea!

My girlfriend had mentioned to me months ago that she would love to convert two high hat light fixtures, above her breakfast bar into hanging pendants. She just didn't want to spend a lot of money hiring an electrician to install the lights, so the project was on hold.

I was reading someones blog a few weeks ago and stumbled upon some new technology that I didn't even know existed. They now sell conversion kits that you can purchase so you can easily install them yourself. I'm telling you: so, so easy!!

A week later I saw them in Lowe's Home Improvement center. $17.98 for one kit and anywhere between $9.00-$17.00 for a shade. They had a nice selection of glass shades in all shapes and designs. Let's face it-it would cost a whole lot more to hire an electrician and buy both the lamps. Total cost for both lamp shades and 2 conversion kits: around $70.00. Installation time: about 45 minutes-most of that time was spent reading the instructions and measuring to get them exactly the same.



The only problem became the chandelier over the kitchen-it didn't match these lamps. It was stark white with gold fittings. Easy enough to fix-she sponged it carefully with brown paint (while it was still hanging). No electricians, no fuss, not expensive and easy to do. What a great idea!

If you want to take a look at what how these conversion kits work, take a look at this site I found. It has a short video on how to use them. You can order these kits on the Internet, but I found that Lowe's had the best price.

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  1. I enjoyed your blog. I like to decoupage, too. I used to live in Lilburn. We moved to Abilene, TX about 4 years ago. I'll be back. Come over and visit one of my 3 blogs. :)

  2. This project looks great! And I love that she painted that chandelier without even taking it down. Easy peasy!

  3. Oh, Christy, this makes my day. I am going to look at these at Lowe's once the hubbub from the hurricane calms down. thanks so much!

  4. This is a great idea - I didn't know these even existed!


  5. Yeah, I didn't know they existed either. I love the idea and so easy to install.