Friday, September 5, 2008

More Faux Painting On Cabinets

Faux Finishing Bathroom Cabinets

My last post showed you what I did with master bathroom cabinets. This one will show you what I did in the bathroom that my daughters share. This bathroom was painted green with all accents in animal prints (towels, shower curtain and accessories). The cabinets were high gloss white and needed a different look to blend with the decor.

All the drawers were removed and sanded slightly to scuff up the paint. The same was done for the front of the entire cabinet.

I added the wooden cut-outs that I had painted by hand to match the walls. I used "liquid nails" to fasten them to the cabinets.

The cabinets were painted flat white. After they dried, I applied a glaze that was mixed with a brownish color and then I basically just wiped the front down with the glaze (following the direction of the grain).

All cabinets were sealed with a polyurethane to protect them. You'll notice to the right there is a small curtain. This area is where a vanity chair should go. Neither girl uses this area to sit, so I installed shelves and sewed up a little curtain for the front. In that area I store the larger things like hair dryers, flat irons etc......

Just another way to faux the cabinets and give them a new look.

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  1. I like what you did with these cabinets. Very pretty!

  2. Great project! I just say photos of my sister's new dorm room and will send this post to her to inspire her to do a similar curtain for the open area under the vanity sink - to hide the pipes and storage baskets.

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