Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thrift Store Makeover

This unique little lamp was purchased at the local thrift store for $5.00. It was in perfect condition and needed no work at all. So technically, it isn't a thrift store make over. What is so neat about this lamp is that when you turn it on, the design appears. When it's turned off, it's very plain. Imagine the surprise after bringing this home, plugging it in, turning it on and seeing designs that you didn't know existed.
A great surprise, a new little lamp, a match to the decor and very, very cheap. You couldn't go wrong with this one.
The chest of drawers to the right was purchased at a thrift store for $10.00. A good cleaning and some lemon oil and it was ready for it's new location: at the foot of a staircase and filled with essential items for the family.
Total cost: $15.00
Chest of drawers and lamp.
It is very time consuming to go in and out of these types of stores looking for items that may be worth your time. But sometimes it really makes sense and can save you a ton of money.
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  1. This is a great idea for people looking to sell their homes right now. Because of the desolate market sellers must do something simple that is inexpensive and could make the house look better. I like it.