Sunday, February 3, 2008

Thrift Store Makeover...........

Sometimes you find the strangest things in the thrift store. My friend found 25 of these odd knobs in the thrift store. They were painted dull, dark colors of green, white and gold. She thought they would be nice all re-painted and installed onto her daughter's dressers and nightstand. I wish I had "before" pictures, but I forgot..........

I won the job of painting all 25 of them with bright colors of yellow, green and pink. I felt that since they would get tons of use that at least seven coats of high gloss polyurethane would be necessary. All the coats made them look like glass when completed.

Let's face it: where in the world have you ever seen anything like this? These are funky, interesting, creative and definitely unique.

Here again are the knobs installed on the night table.

For this project I used a small paintbrush and acrylic paints. Basically it was pretty easy to paint these knobs because I just painted over the existing colors.

It pays to keep your eyes open- you never know what interesting things people want to get rid of.

Oh, by the way............Happy Superbowl!!! Go NY Giants!!!!
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  1. These floral knobs are so fun! What a great idea not to be "turned-off" by colors in the existing paint job - you can always paint it yourself! You take the best photos, Christy - have fun watching the Super Bowl!

  2. It's really a gift to be able to see beyond something's current appearance, and see all that it could be with just some paint and imagination.


  3. Hello Christy! I just stubbled upon your blog 2 days ago and I can't stop reading it! You are everything I wish to be! I dream of being as handy as you are. I would live to be able to create something beautiful out of something old or from scratch. Do you think you could give me a list of essential tools that a "handy girl on a budget" should own. Where did you aquire all of your skills?? I have the desire to build shelves and sew cushions like you just not the know how or the tools. Do you have any tips to get me started? Help!

  4. Well, I started doing this because "I had to". My husband is not handy (and hates that stuff anyway), plus we lived in an old house. that forced me to learn how to fix and build things. Being very determined is the key. If you want something bad enough, you can do. I starting with essential and simple tools. Hammer, hand saw, stapler, screwer drivers...etc. Every Christmas I asked for a power tool. First a power drill (you have to have that), scroll saw, band saw, circular saw, sander and eventually a table saw. If I didn't know how to do it, I would read about it. Not everything turns out great in the beginning, but after time.....I got better. I'm now very comfortable with tools and building things. I do some electrical stuff, plumbing, building, painting and the crafty things. I have plenty of books and use the Internet. Having vision helps. You see something, think about it and then realize you can make it into something else. I have a great (and it's old) book on how to make pillows. It is my bible and is so easy to read up on. I have do-it-yourself books as well. I'm inspired by so many things that I see and spend too many hours thinking it all out.
    Adding tools a little at a time is a great way to start. Learn how to use them and get comfortable with them. The sky is the limit.
    If you want something bad enough, you'll be able to do it. It's pure determination that motivates me to accomplish all this. Also, it's important to read as much as you can about doing a project. I also draw thing out before I start anything. This guides me with any project I undertake. I hope all this helps and thanks for writing such a nice note. I really appreciate it when someone takes note of what I do.

  5. one addition to the above post. If you need any help at all, just email me directly at I'll be glad to help you.