Friday, February 15, 2008

Thrift Store Makeover

This is "hands down" the best Thrift Store item I have found yet!

I have a guest room with a queen size bed and no headboard. Since spending alot of money is not one of my favorite things, I left the bed "headless" for a while. It remained that way until one of my frequent trips to the local Goodwill, when I found the beauty shown below. It was in perfect condition with only one little scratch that I was sure I could disguise. Although it was king sized I figured that it would still ok behind my queen size bed, so I purchased it for $12.00, and bought it home.

After a few weeks, every time I passed by the room, I was bothered by what I saw. The headboard was just too big for the bed, and it looked out of place. I thought I could hide it with some little side tables but it just didn't look right. So I decided to try something that could turn out to be a disaster, I was going to cut it! After all, what did I have to lose, remember it only cost me $12.00!

A saw in my hand and a goal in mind, I dragged it down into my work room. Using my jigsaw (a very female friendly tool) I cut this headboard down to the right size. Here is how it started out:

As shown here, I cut the side columns away from the bed and then re-attached them closer to the headboard.
Using glue and a few short screws the posts where re-attached to the headboard.

This headboard had a small scratch right in the center so I attached a wood medallion that I hand painted, and glued to the center. I used colors that would match my room.

Pictured below is the headboard all finished and back in the room ready for the next guest.

The two little wrought iron side tables were purchased for $10.00 each at Ross Dress For Less where you can sometimes find some very interesting and inexpensive items.

and yes..........I know that the bed is not centered. I was in a hurry to take the picture! This bed usually has a bunch of pillows on it too but I removed them so you could see the headboard better.

As I have mentioned before, work with what you have. If something doesn't match, paint it. If it's too big, try making it to fit.....if you can. Be open minded when it comes to decorating because there is so much you can do.

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  1. That is really impressive, a person wouldn't know that you cut it to size :)

  2. Very nice. You can also buy furniture markers. You just color over the scratches with the right color marker.