Monday, February 25, 2008

Privacy For Your Windows

What do you do when your bathroom window is huge and open for the world to see? Cover it!! This very large window over my garden tub needed a privacy covering. When we first moved in, I hung a shade. A few years later I added some nice curtains that you could pull closed, but it become sort of inconvenient to jump into the tub every time you wanted to close the curtain or shade. The best solution was to cover it in Stained Glass. Fortunately for me I have been doing Stained Glass for years.

I have always loved the way it looked and especially how the light changes the colors of the glass as the day goes on. At night when the house is dark and the interior lights are on, it once again changes completely in character.

I took a few lessons in town and loved it so much that I bought all the equipment and started creating some beautiful pieces in my home. This bathroom window above had to be created by making 20 individual panes that were eventually caulked into the window. The wood mullions that you see are permanent so there was no other way to do it.

Now I realize that not everyone has this ability but there are other ways to provide privacy for your windows.

  • shades

  • stick on stained glass

  • frosted stick on paper

  • curtains

I found this site and was just amazed at how "real" these stick on Stained Glass windows look and also how reasonably priced they are. Wait until you see what they have. I've been looking for something to provide privacy for my shower doors and this site has exactly what I've been looking for.

Check it out:

Guess what? We are getting all our windows replaced in two weeks (yes, I am very excited) but the bathroom tub window is going to have to come out..............bummer. I now have to take all 20 panes out, solder them all together, add some more glass and re-hang this monster. Lucky me!!

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  1. That's a great idea. I love the look of stained glass, and it gives you privacy in areas where you don't want to hang heavy curtains.

  2. I love this stuff!

    This is the perfect solution to ensure both privacy and natural light to shine through. We've used the frosted film on the long, thin windows that are frequently embedded in doors. They have a nice frosted, lacy appearance which I think looks very attractive.


  3. Perfect!

    Hello, I just discovered your blog and I absolutely love your ideas. This one will certainly come in handy: I'm just moving into an apartment and I noticed that there's a window right next to the showerhead in the bathtub. I can't imagine the curtain covering it not getting wet and moldy, but was reluctatny to take it down because I still wanted privacy. I'm going to take a trip to Home Depot and Walmart and see if I can find some stained-glass contact paper. Thanks for the idea!


  4. Nina:
    I agree that this would be a perfect solution for your window. I think having a curtain in there would eventually cause you problems (mold....etc). I have seen these stick on stained glass in Home Depot but not Walmart, so you may want to check there. If not then take a look at the link I placed on that post.
    Thanks for visiting the site!


  5. Katie and Marilyn:

    You are both right in that this gives you an option to curtains when you really need privacy. Years ago this was hard to accomplish, but now there are so many things on the market available to the consumer. The stained glass or frosted film is a cost effective way to cover up the window.