Saturday, February 23, 2008

How To Decorate A Toilet???

I am sure you are going to think I’m crazy but I’ve done some research on decorating toilets. Browsing through Internet sites I stumbled upon a few really great ideas, things that I never thought of and have never seen before. You may be interested…………

Or maybe not…………..

Let's start out with Toilet Tatoos. I found these delightful, creative decorative skins for toilet lids. Who knew???? Such a neat idea to decorate the lid! They come in all sorts of designs including classic, wallpaper, whimsical, holiday and seasonal . The best feature is that they are removable so you can change them according to the season or holiday you are decorating for.

You can clean them with regular cleaners as long as they are not abrasive. They attach to your lid by electrostatic energy-no adhesives. They even have a few selections for those "potty" training kids that encourage them to actually use the toilet. They cause no damage to the lid either. Some of the designs are very elegant and some are simple. They run cost around $9.95 and go up. You'll enjoy these!

Here's the link:

I found that you can also decorate your tank. This guy sells some great looking "tank art", simple but creative and fun. They appear to be a decal so they are also removable.

The site where you can find these great decals is:

I also found that you can hand paint your tank or lid using enamel craft paint. So if you are inclined to try it get together the following:
  • enamel craft paint

  • small paint brush
  • permanent marker

Draw out your design with the marker and start painting away.

Last but not least: you can decoupage your lid. I tried one out today for my son's bathroom. I plastered his face right into the center. Needless to say it was worth the work when I saw the look on his face..........he thinks I've lost my mind and does not like the idea that his face is right in the middle. This one was "just for the fun of it".

Now that I know it works, I can make another one that is perhaps a little more tasteful.

I know that he and his friends will enjoy this one, at least until I get around to making a more subdued version.

So you can decorate the lid or tank if you are sick of those fuzzy rugs that cover the lid or that plain white lid that greets you when you enter the bathroom. There are creative options out there to change it up.

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  1. You are so wacky, but I love it! Talk about a great and unexpected way to embarass your teenager!

  2. and it did embarass him! But he doesn't have to worry, I'll be changing it soon. This was my experiment and he was my victim!