Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Traditional Decorating

Periodically I would like to present different themes of decorating. Today it’s Traditional Style. Future posts will include: contemporary, cottage, coastal, eclectic, Victorian, southwestern and more.

Traditional Decorating Style

Still very popular in this country is the traditional look of decorating. Some of us look at this style and think of our childhood and the environment we grew up in. History and tradition play a part in this decorating style.

Traditional style these days is much more relaxed and fresh. Painting your room a softer color gives a more contemporary and relaxed look. Embellishments such as wood-paneled walls, wallpaper, stencils or the classic fleur-de-lis pattern. If you like the original style, stick with jewel tones with silver or gold accents. The look here is more formal.

(picture credit to Your Dream Log Cabin)

Be creative with your fabrics. Mix them up so they work well together but don’t necessarily match them. This traditional look works well with florals and coordinating stripes. Think of this when you pick out upholstery, pillows and draperies. Examples of traditional fabrics include brocades, velvets and tapestries. Window treatments are layered and sometimes heavy.

(photo credit to Design Talk)

With this style you can combine old and new. A well thought out plan of new furniture with the addition of antiques. These days traditional decorating can mix with an eclectic blend of furniture and accessories. Think leather chairs, walnut wood, cherry wood, rosemary and mahogany. Rooms contain ornate furniture including Queen Anne style chairs, Chippendale style chairs, four poster beds, wingback chairs and colorful upholstery. Traditional rooms are full of furniture but not cluttered.

(photo credit Building Pros)
Without overwhelming your room, add some accessories. Traditional décor can include bronze, pewter, gold and silver additions. Nail head trim, decorative tacks, tassels and fringe. Add mirrors, still life, tapestries to your walls and don’t forget framed photographs of the family. In the traditional style you often see lots of decorative china and glassware displayed in the dining area.
(photo credit to Point Click Home)
It’s a grand theme for decorating but very, very elegant. This theme originates back from the 18th and 19th century in Europe. No longer is traditional decorating your grandma’s house.

(photo credit to Interior Mall)

(Photo credit to HGTV)

Next we'll talk about another style. I hope this gives you some ideas to play with!
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