Friday, March 28, 2008

Storage Ideas

Two teenage girls............too little space. Their bathroom has become a dumping ground for so many "beauty" products, hair dryers, flat irons, makeup, brushes, shampoo and never ending bath products.

My solution (and I'm sure I must have seen this somewhere) was to hang a shoe rack behind the bathroom door.
Almost everything goes in here. These shoe racks come in cloth and clear plastic. The clear one seemed like the best option so they could see everything in there. I liked the idea so much that I now have one behind my bathroom door as well. Costs about $10.00 at Walmart.
If you have a bathroom full of things that you have need to find a home for, try this solution and see if it works for you.
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  1. Great idea! I can just see a label maker coming into play here so that their "stuff" doesn't get mixed up.

    (I'm one of 4 sisters-and trust me I remember screams of "HEY! Who used my. . . ")

    Lucky for me I only have one girl, and she's only 6. But she is already totally a girly girl, so I know I'll need this tip eventually. . .

  2. I do this as well! It helps me keep things out of reach for my little girl. She likes pulling Mommy's things out of the bathroom drawers.

    I also have one in the hall closet for winter hats and gloves.

  3. I love the label idea. The works great for organization but small things do sink to the bottom.

    I also love the glove and hat storage idea. I'm definately on that one! Fortunately I am in the process of putting all the winter stuff away. I'm soooo looking forward to warm weather. Next year though I'll be hanging one of those organizers in my hall closet. A great way to use space.

  4. I'm sold on clear organizers. Being able to identify what you are looking for immediately is such a plus.

    Great organizational idea!