Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Get Organized With Your Decorating

Like all the rest of you, I'm pretty busy with my life these days. I really wish I could be more organized, especially when it come to decorating. I'd really love to know what year I painted the den or the master bedroom. Wouldn't it be great to know exactly what paint you used on that particular room or wall so you could touch up things years later?

After all these years of painting and re-decorating rooms I now can be organized. So organized that I have everything I ever did in that room recorded into one book.

I purchased this great organizer a while ago at Home Depot. It has divided sections with pockets for paint chips, pieces of fabric, lined paper for notes and helpful tips for painting. I separated mine into eight sections: kitchen, den, bedrooms, dining room, bathrooms, basement, office and misc.

The book came with several color wheels, two CD's on faux finishes and loads of tips including: choosing a color scheme, priming, getting ready to paint, how to figure out how much paint you need to buy, project list, paint sheens, faux, glazes and disposal tips.

If you can't find one to purchase they are easy enough to make for yourself. A binder, some page projectors, some pocket folders, plain white paper and lined paper. You won't get all the great tips, but you can always get that from other sources. Easy and cheap! The best thing about this is that it keeps everything organized and keeps a record of all the changes you make in your home. A great reference for future projects.

You can use this book for recording other household things so it really comes in handy. Include items like new roof, windows, repairs, filter changes, counters, floors, rugs, etc.....

A really great way to get organized.

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  1. That looks like a great organizer! I've enjoyed checking out your thrifty decorating, since I do the same. I'm sure we could share lots of notes on the subject.

    Happy Easter!

  2. Thanks for the comment! Looks like you and I share many of the same interests.


  3. Do you remember how much that book cost you? I love that idea! Thanks for your fun ideas!

  4. Michelle:

    I think I paid around 15.00 for this book. I bought it about a year ago at Home Depot. They still have them though. Great investment because it keeps everything together.