Monday, March 24, 2008

More Mod Podge

The craft stores are full of interesting unfinished wood items just waiting to be purchased and decorated. The one pictured about cost about $5.00 on sale. It's a good size measuring 10" X 10", plenty of room for a supply of nail polish. I found it especially interesting since it came with little legs.

I felt lucky to find this African print tissue paper to apply for a really different look. Using Mod Podge I cut small squares and applied them to the entire box. The tissue had two patterns-checkered and a random print, so I decided to use both of them.On the very top of the box I glued a small wood embellishment and Mod Podged right over it. I put four very small screws under the top in all four corners and added tassles.

Check out all the unfinished wood items in your local craft store and come up with some creative ideas to decorate them.

Lately I've seen:

  • birdhouses
  • trays
  • picture frames
  • all sorts of boxes
  • shelves
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