Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fun With Picture Frames

Picture frames are relatively cheap these days. There are so many to choose from, every design, material and color you could possibly want. But what if you need a frame to match your decor? What then?.........

There are so many ways to make that frame match the space you are putting it in, not to mention that it's fun to create your own look. Basic wood frames are great for this purpose.

A few years ago I created a space in the basement for my teenagers with accents of yellow and black. I wanted to put their pictures into frames that would look good in the room.

I took three white frames and simply painted them with acrylics. I added some little painted lines to the yellow frame and black frame. In the copper frame I just added irregular spots. This project really didn't require any artistic talent either, just lines with a brush. I coated all three frames with a clear high gloss to protect them and make them cleanable.

The next frame was created with Mod Podge and tissue (the wrapping paper kind). The wrapping paper was gold and black, just like you see it below. The pattern turned out so interesting and random. I really liked the way this one came out.
Here are a few more made the same way. The frames below were originally white ceramic with little roses which just didn't go with my home.

The next picture is obviously not a picture frame but I thought you may be interested in this simple project. I purchased this "sun" which was made plain ceramic. I used black and gold tissue and Mod Podge to create this look. When it was all finished I used some gold cream (found in a small tube in the craft store) and rubbed it around the sun. You can see it on the black side of the moon. Instructions for using Mod Podge.


paint brush, Mod Podge (glossy or matte finish), wrapping paper tissue cut into little squares.

Apply the Mod Podge with your brush to the item and then place the little squares of tissue onto the piece. There is no special way to do this. Random is the nature of this craft(sometimes). You can overlap the tissue. I've talked many times about this product in prior posts. I use it all the time because it's great to work with and you can create so much with it. For any further information on the product you can always take a look at their web site at:

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