Thursday, January 17, 2008

Scratch and Dent

Many retails store have a section that contains broken items. Some pieces are chipped, broken, missing a component (the mirror or actual picture) or scratched. Most of these items can be repaired with little effort. Some need much more help but if you're willing you can get a great buy. This rooster had a chipped beak but was marked 50% off. Originally marked at $20.00 marked down to $10.00. I really thought he would be a nice addition to my kitchen counter. He's functional too with a chalkboard for leaving notes. The chalk sits in his pocket.

The photo to the left shows the small chip close up.

All I needed to do was match the right color and paint the chip. You couldn't even tell after it was painted.
In the photo to the right, here he is all finished and like new.
So remember to take a look around in the Scratch & Dent department to see what bargains are available and how much work it will take to repair it.
When you are shopping around and find something that is damaged, talk to the store manager and ask for a discount. I find that most of the time this works. Remember.......... they want to sell the item and if it's damaged most people won't want it. It can be very rewarding and frugal as well.
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  1. Absolutely true!

    Christy, the rooster is adorable, and what a deal, too. I've also found that most retailers are very anxious to sell their damaged items for whatever they can get.

    The same is true for nurseries. I love walking the "dead or dying" sections for bargains. Most of the time all these plants need are to be cut back and given a good drink of water. I love the challenge of a plant rescue!