Saturday, January 19, 2008

Expert Help On Painting Your Home....

Finally, a comprehensive site to help us paint! Painting is easy.....right? I guess you could say that painting a room really doesn't require talent. It's really not that difficult could it be to paint a wall? I agree with most of this but how hard is it to find the perfect color?

It's hard, believe me. How many times have you picked a color, had it mixed at the store, painted it onto the wall...............and hated it! How come that color looked so great in the store and now it looks horrible on your wall?

Behr paints has put together a wonderful site that covers everything you will need to know about painting your space. I found this site just the other day and spent some time collecting information on exactly what this site offers you. Here is what you will find:

  • Talks about the color wheel

  • Assists you in finding complementary colors to the color you pick

  • Gives you facts about colors

  • Preview your color by ordering a sample (yes, you have to pay for this)

  • Inspirational, artistic, emotional, fashionable, historical aspects of paint

  • Different sheens, when and where to use them (semi-gloss, flat, eggshell....etc)

  • They offer a calculator. No more guessing. Plug in your measurements and they will tell you how much paint to buy.

  • Facts and info about interior and exterior paint.

  • Step by step directions on all the faux finishes

  • What paints to use for all your different projects (paint for cement, wood.....etc)

  • You can pick your paint color and paint it onto a "virtual" furnished room to see exactly what your paint job will look like when completed. I love this feature the best.

You must register to use the site.

If you go back into the October archives I have an article on how painting with certain colors can change the mood of the room.....color therapy.

Here is the site:

Place it into your favorites so you can always go back when you have a project to do.

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  1. Color combination selection is related to our inner feelings and your company is providing good color combination in paint. I will use yours ideas for my new office!
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