Monday, January 7, 2008

Decorating With Wood Appliques

Decorating with wood medallions also known as wood appliques or gingerbread, can be so interesting and creative. You can add these embellishments to:

  • Cabinets

  • desks

  • furniture

  • wood boxes

  • fireplaces

  • picture frames

They can be stained, painted or decoupaged onto any of the items I listed above and more if you just let your creative juices flow...

I have purchase them at Lowe's Home Improvement, Home Depot, Michael's Craft Store and JoAnn's. They really vary in price and sometimes can be quite expensive. I purchased the one to the left for about $2.95 at Joannes. I plan on hand painting it in soft colors and adding to a headboard.

Just looking at this photograph I'm thinking you could drill a hole in the middle and insert a knob. Wouldn't they be a great addition placed behind knobs of a plain desk or dresser? They could be hand painted, painted a solid color or stained to match the wood of the furniture.

I found an Internet site that carries a pretty good selection at very reasonable prices. If you don't spend over $50.00 they will charge over $10.00 for shipping, still not a bad price considering how high they are sometimes in retail stores.

If you only need a few I suggest you check out the retailers I mentions above.

This is what I have done with some of them:

These flower medallions are placed on the upper columns of my fireplace. The medallion is glued onto the fireplace with wood glue. A sponge technique is used on the fireplace and the wood medallion. I sometimes apply caulk around the piece so it really looks like it's meant to be there.

To the right is another flower medallion placed on the upper column of an entertainment unit. Applied the same way as the fireplace.

Here is one larger wood applique placed under a kitchen cabinet, directly above the microwave.

Above is a close up of the larger applique. I added this to a very plain board to give it some character and interest. This applique was caulked all around to create a smooth transition onto the cabinet.

To the left is a smaller applique mounted onto a coordinating kitchen cabinet above a sink. Same thing, just a little smaller.

To the left is the top of a small box with a tiny wood applique on it. This box was decoupaged using Modge Podge.

These little wood appliques come in a variety of designs, shapes, sizes and they also have decorative corners. They can turn a plain piece of furniture into something elegant and unique. They can also hide flaws, cover holes and serve as a back plate to a plain knob. Use your imagination and come up with great ideas to incorporate these wood appliques into your decor.

Stores I mentioned in case you need any information:

In my next posting I'll show you something I did in a kid's bathroom using small wooden fish and a cabinet I bought at Target.

Also some more teen room decorating to show you.......


I have just finished a "coffee" table. You'll see what I mean-this is only a table for coffee! Stay tuned........

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  1. I adore wood medallions, and all sorts of molding for that matter. I think you really get an enormous bang for the buck with these!

    Our kitchen has a dining area which overlooks our back patio. Outside our kitchen window is a long ledge on which I have a window box - style planter which I keep filled with flowers. ( Right now, multi-color pansies!)

    I had some left over 3" sq. tiles that I applied, side by side, to the drop. I then found a left over medallion that I glued to the center tile of the drop. It gave just the right touch of interest to that tile.

    Christy, I love how you use them around your home. In fact, I'm still drooling over your molding-medallion treatment of the contractor's mirror in your bathroom( or as we call it around our house, "the slab o' glass").


  2. I like all of the wood appliques you've used in your home. I am currently working on these wood window valances for my kitchen and I would like to put some appliques on them. I luv the larger on that u used in your cabinet that's directly over the microwave. Would u tell me where u got it?

  3. Actually, the wood applique above the microwave was purchase at Home Depot. HD and Lowe's both carry the larger ones.
    Hope you find one for yourself, they can really dress up a space.

  4. @anonymous...I was shopping for cabinet hardware and found a large selection of wood appliques online at I wasn't sure what they were for so I did some research and found this blog. I hope you find it helpful.

  5. thank you for the information. The more the better!!

  6. I am looking for at least 4 wood medallions that are about 2"
    I can send you a pic if you give me an email
    They look like flowers

    1. Liz,
      All I can suggest is looking around on the Internet for the four you are looking for. Home Depot, Lowes, Hobby Lobby, Michael's Craft Store and Joannes also carry the wood medallions. I hope you find them!!