Thursday, January 10, 2008

Decorating With Wood Cutouts.....

Most craft stores have an aisle that contain wood cutouts in every conceivable design. They are fun to use, decorate, paint and add to furniture, doors or walls. In this bathroom a cabinet was needed for storage. The cabinet was purchased in Target, on sale around $24.00 but was plain white. Since the decor of the this bathroom is animal prints and the room is basically for a teenager some needed changes were made.

The white cabinet was painted using a sponge technique involving two colors together. The little fish that swim across the drawers were hand painted and glued on. The fish were placed so at least one of them would hang over the drawer when it is open, just to make it flow even better.

I replaced the ceramic knobs with wood ones and painted them as well. This all adds a whimsical look to the cabinet.
I often find things in the store that just don't work in my home in terms of color. Many times I purchase the item, take it home and change it so it does match. Here is just another way to use your imagination and change the look of something.
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  1. This is absolutely charming! It has a whimsical fee without being too cutesy. The school of fish swimming really does give a feel of motion. I love the twin whales, too.

    As always, you've chosen some really eye catching embellishment. Love those animal print throws!


  2. I love the look you achieved with these wood cutouts! Something I have done to decorate my 2-year old's room that is affordable and takes a minimum amount of time, is to buy pre-painted wooden cutouts at a craft store like Michael's. Then I adhered them (w/ 3M sticky squares) to his white wooden plantation shutters. It added a nice touch to his cars/trucks themed room. And it was so easy for me to accomplish since it didn't require any painting on my part.

  3. I love this! The fish are fantastic! What a neat and creative idea!

  4. Hi, what cute ideas! I am definately going to earmark your site! I am looking for a wooden cut-out that says, "family." I want to place it in a glass centerpiece. It will be my 'finishing touch.' I want it to be app. 2x4" or smaller. I dont' want it very large and preferably in script writing. It must have a flat base in order to stand by itself. Any ideas?? Can't wait to see your next creative project! Your site is a great 'springboard'!

  5. I've seen so many of those wood cut outs, but they are usually in frames. You'll run into one eventually! If you know someone who has a scroll saw, they can cut one out for you.
    Thanks for finding the site!