Saturday, January 5, 2008

A Reader's Question.......

Marilyn posted the following question:

Concerning your use of tissue paper. I have noticed some very attractive paper napkins at places like Linen N Things, and was wondering if you have tried using them in place of tissue. What do you think?


I have not tried using paper napkins yet but I do know that they can be used with the Modge Podge medium. I think that you would get a different texture which could be very interesting on the finished piece. Tissue paper is a little more sturdy and easy to work with. Paper napkins would be more delicate. Cutting larger pieces could help but I think the end result would have some wrinkles. In some cases wrinkles may look very nice. It really depends on what you are decoupaging. A frame would look interesting with the wrinkled appearance but a tabletop would probably look better smooth. What I especially like about using tissue is that you get a very translucent appearance and the same would apply to paper napkins. Using a dense, decorative paper would give you a more opaque look.

I really enjoy using the tissue and Modge Podge. I have used it several times to change the look of something to make it better match the decor. A good example would be below: a plain yellow lamp hanging around the house that really wasn't used anymore. I had recently painted my daughter's room a deep red and incorporated animal prints in the accessories. I used animal print tissue and Modge Podge on the base of the lamp so it would better match the room.

Pictured here you can see the animal print tissue on the base. I added the beads that I bought at Walmart (around $3.00). It completely changes a plain yellow lamp into something very different and more suitable for the room it's in.
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  1. The lamp is gorgeous, Christy. Again, it looks like it should be in a designer showcase.

    Thanks for your opinion on the tissue paper vs. paper napkin question. What you said makes perfect sense. I was also concerned that paper napkins might suck too much modge podge due to their inadherent absorbancy. I will definitely stick with the tissue paper.

    Another question, if you don't mind. Do you overlap your tissue squares, or butt them up against each other?

    What a difference $3 beads from Wal Mart make! I love that effect on the shade. As I've always heard, perfection is in the details! :-)

    Thanks for letting me tap into your experience. I am really learning quite a bit from your wonderful blog.