Saturday, July 27, 2013

Another Trash to Treasure project

Just found this little wooden tray in a junk store and had a vision for it.  First of all, it's solid wood.  That in of itself makes it worth the effort.  All painted up and detailed, it could serve as a place to throw "stuff", jewelry or whatever....

               It's actually pretty cute, but needs some art work added to it.


latex paint
Acrylic paint
Clear Gloss Spray
Valspar Black Glaze

Step #1.
 Paint the tray with two coats of latex paint.  I picked a yellow color.
Step #2
I painted the entire tray with a black glaze and then wiped it off. Love the idea of adding black glaze that can seep into the crevices and give the piece an aged look. Now for some color.

Step #3
Add color.  Here I used acrylic paint to fill in the grapes and a few leafs. Work in progress here.  Only one side done so far.

Step: #4
Apply several coats of glossy varnish.  I'm giving it several coats so that it's durable enough to throw change and "things" into. The color in the photograph is slightly off.  It's more like the photo above.  Came out really pretty.

I love turning junk or trash into something useful!!


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04 05 06
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