Monday, July 1, 2013

Decorating Storage Containers

I have a bunch of these plastic and glass canisters that are great for storage, but boring to look at. I decided to store laundry detergent in one, fabric softener, doggy treats and a collection of buttons for the sewing room in the others. 
Adding graphics printed off the computer and adhering them with Mod Podge seemed like a good idea, so I gave it a shot. I like the vintage look, so I looked around for those types of images.  

Here's the problem.  Where do you get good graphics for free?

The Graphics Fairy, of coarse!

She has the best images around and they are all FREE.  Free images are not easy to find these days, but she has plenty.  Just about anything you want is on her site.  You can look through the collection (all by subject) and pick an image.  Download and print.  It's that easy.

All these images are from her site.  Here are two for the laundry room containers.  These are vintage images in sepia tones. I applied Mod Podge (matte finish) to the printed picture and placed it on the container. 
After the print is dry, I applied another coat to the top to seal it. 

Here's another laundry soap container.

Doggy treats and buttons.
Love the look of these containers all decorated and they look great out on a shelf.


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