Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's the little things that count

A couple of months ago I bought this little garlic storage thingy at Goodwill. It's made of terra cotta and I'm pretty sure it's for baking garlic in the oven.

Pictured below:

I don't bake garlic, or at least I never have done so I opted to paint it. I used metallic acrylics which I have a collection of. These paints, available at crafts stores are so pretty and priced cheap enough so you can buy plenty.
When it was done I sprayed it with extra glossy clear spray sealer. For 99 cents, it's now pretty cute and I'll use it to store garlic in.

I always manage to find little gems in the Goodwill that I can actually do something with. When I picked this up I could just imagine how cute it would look all painted. I especially love the little garlic on the top. There is no question as to what this item holds, if you get my drift.


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  1. It does look cute, especially with that glossy look.

  2. That is darling! when I saw it before you finished it, I thought it was a deformed duck abstract pottery thing.

    Baked garlic is soooo yummy. You spread it on toast points, bread or crackers. Oops. Drooling on the keyboard! It's creamy and stinky and delicious.

    Hi from snowy Anchorage!

  3. I miss Anchorage. What a beautiful city. I was there in May. It must be very different now!!
    I do admit that the little pottery thing did look "duckish" when I bought it. That's part of the reason I painted it. It now actually looks like a garlic on top. Thanks for visiting! Enjoy the snow (if you can).

  4. Sweet post interesting read. Thanks for sharing, I had not noticed that it looked like a garlic top until you mentioned it, but its a cool little pot.