Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Strange things happen when you're painting

I purchased these three word plaques in Kirkland's the other day. My plan was to hang them
over my daughter's bed which currently has nothing at all over it. Her walls are rather dark so these three items needed to stand out somehow, so I decided to paint them.

Most things that need to be painted require some prep work. Sanding always helps the paint to adhere better to the item. This is especially important if the existing piece has a shiny finish. You need to sand it down just a little so the paint will grab.

When I bought the plaques home I took them down into my shop and immediately sprayed them with spray paint, completely forgetting to sand them down. Later when I went to see if they were dry, I noticed that the paint had not adhered well......ugh.
The only way out of this would be to sand it down (I had only done one so far) and repaint it. As I started to use the sandpaper I realized that the effect that I was creating looked pretty cool. Here is what it looked like.
I actually like this, so I'm going with it. I repeated the process for all three of them. After they were finished I applied a clear coat of spray sealer-glossy. When I sprayed it on a yellow color appeared in several areas and that looked good too.

It's interesting what can happen when you least expect it.

Somehow one of them landed up outside......................not sure why, but I thought the picture was cute.
Here they are hanging up on the wall where they were intended to be.
There is always a way to make something match up.


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  1. They turned out beautiful and look very nice on her wall!