Thursday, November 15, 2007



I love to create tabletops. I have several around the house that I will post from time to time. I've used tile, glass mosaics and seashells to decorate the tops.

The first one is this game table that I created for my kids. Both Home Depot and Lowes carry wood "pine rounds". They are reasonably priced and come all sanded.

I found the center of the circle first and then measured out a large square. I then divided the large square into 64 two inch squares (for the chessboard).

I found a pattern for the lizards on a stained glass web site and printed it out. I cut it out of the paper and used it as a template.

I then painted the rest of the table black except for the edges where I used yellow and did a random scallop. I used durable high gloss enamel paint for a sturdy finish.

This was an old kitchen set. I just replaced the existing top with a wood pine round. I spray painted the entire set with a high gloss black. I sprayed the entire table with polyurethane with four coats. The seats I recovered with some discounted fabric I bought at the fabric store.

The kids use it for playing games and for doing homework.
It's bright, functional and fun.

Painting a checkerboard on a table is a great idea. Not only does it look nice but it functions as a game table.
Great for kids and adults. Total cost under $50.00.

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