Wednesday, November 14, 2007

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I recently came across this new item made by a company called Wallies ( It's a peel & stick chalkboard that goes on most surfaces. The best thing about this is that it is removable! A few years ago someone came out with chalkboard paint. At the time I really thought that was a great idea. Paint it on and you have a chalkboard. But what happens when you don't like it anymore or want to move it to another area? You'll be painting again!
Wallies chalkboard goes on and comes off. What a great idea! I couldn't decide where I wanted to put the chalkboard. The entry hallway on the side of the house seemed like a good idea but so did my kitchen cabinet. I decided the cabinet was the way to go. If I change my mind later, I just move it. It is also repositionable so don't have to worry if it doesn't go on straight. It even came with chalk! I tied a string to it and fastened it next to the board. The package includes four 9"X 12" boards and comes in four great colors.

With three teenagers in the house and so many things to remember, what better way to keep track of it all. Wallies make a number of great wallpaper cutouts. I've checked their web site and found plenty of ideas that I can expand on. They also have wall murals. Check it out at:

I do most of my painting by hand, but for someone that is not artistic or doesn't have the time these are a great alternative. They can be used as a wallpaper border, on furniture, lamps and more. Let your creative juices flow and you'll find plenty of uses for them. I am currently working on some projects using more of these items. I'll bring them to you soon.......

Wallies web site is very comprehensive. You can order a free catalog, order products from them and find out where you can buy them locally.

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