Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Floating Frames.....

Floating Frames

Floating frames are a simple way to display art work. Basically it's two pieces of glass that sandwich your print, photograph or picture, with a frame around it. The wall you hang it on will show through the perimeter glass. Not fancy, no matts....just your photo.

They are available in many retail stores. The three in the above photograph were purchased in Walmart for $5.00 each. The prints inside came from the clearance aisle for $1.00 each. Total cost $18.00.

What makes these particular frames nice is that they really focus on the art work, not the frame. If you have something you want to highlight, this is a great way to do it.

Although they have a contemporary look to them, old world prints still look fabulous. I've seen them in black, wood tone and white. Remember, if you can't find them in the color you need, paint them the color you want.

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  1. Hi Christine,

    Just started reading your blog and wanted to compliment you on your style and creativitiy.

    I also love re-purposing and restoring objects that others just pass by. I work on environmental issues and fully realize the importance of recycling whenever psossible, and you do it with a great deal of style!!