Friday, November 2, 2007

More On Decorating Mirrors.............

More on decorating mirrors...................

I understand that not everyone has the time to cut, miter, prime and paint wood trim for their mirrors. Some people also love the idea but just don't have the "head" to take on this kind of a project. Florence from Boca Raton sent me a resent email and here is what she said:

Hi Christy,

You did a beautiful job with your mirrors and table. Wanted to let you know that in all the Lowe's stores in their mirror department there is a product called MirrEdge. There are 5 finishes with matching corner and cover plates for mirrors. The wood grain finishes can be spray painted to another finish very easily. You don't have to cut pieces straight, because either the decorative or contemporary corners cover the end cuts. It takes just a few minutes to install and is quite easy. I agree framing a plain mirror changes the whole room while making a ordinary mirror pop out.I love the stained glass corner. Great idea. I am going to try this in one of my rooms.

Thank you.

I took the opportunity to check out this product at Lowes Home Improvement Center. They had a very nice display set up in the aisle where they stock mirrors. The name of the product is Mirr.Edge. You can basically purchase all that you need to frame out a mirror. It's something that is easy to do and install. It comes in Cherry Walnut, Royal Oak, Driftwood, Regal Birch and also acrylic. When completed you will have something that looks a lot similar to what I did, but not so much work!
Based on Lowes prices you can frame a pretty large mirror for under $100.00. Not bad when you consider the prices of framed art work these days. I also checked out and they carry it as well

The web site for this product is very comprehensive and includes a video on how to install. If you have the dreaded black mirror rot (which happens to some mirrors) this is a great alternative to cover up those edges.

Thanks to Florence for this information. Check out her site:

Other sites to check for Mirr.Edge: and 02 03
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