Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Turkey Place Cards for the Table

If you are having lots of people for the holidays, it makes sense to have place card holders
so everyone will know where to sit. It's not necessary, but helpful. In my case-not really, not enough people. However, I can't help myself-I must create.......something.
What I do like and always liked about place cards is that they add something
"different" to the table setting. So this year I decided to make some turkeys to place at each setting.

These were made with my band saw using some scrap wood. I'm new to the band saw thing, so it took some time to cut them all out, but it worked out. Plus, I got some much needed experience at the saw. I love this tool!

I made a template out of paper and starting cutting. After all my pieces were ready, I glued them all together and painted them.

So now, I just pop in a card and write the persons name on it. Each turkey came out a different size and slightly crooked-not sure why and don't care. They are cute and add just a little something to my table.

Here is the entire group:

Now I just need to get all the other stuff together. Enjoy your holiday!!


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  1. very cute idea!

    I will definetly be using this next year I cook thanksgiving dinner!

  2. How adorable! I'm going to try a rabbit version of this for easter!

  3. Rabbits would be cute for Easter. I'm thinking eggs might be fun too and very easy to make!

  4. This seems cool, looks very easy, and fun for the family:D