Monday, November 8, 2010

Last year when I happened to stumble upon the new platinum effusion lamp wick, I also came across these great new diffusers. They use water, a new type of stick and scents. That's it...just water and scent. I ordered a few to give them a try. I was really surprised to find out what a great job they do in a small room.
The diffusers I've used in the past come with "reed" sticks which seem to lose their usefulness pretty quickly. They get soggy and discolor pretty quickly. Stonewick has created a stick that is washable, porous and will last forever if you are careful with them. They feel like glass or ceramic but are porous enough to absorb the water/scent solution and fill your room with a great fragrance. I have placed them in smaller rooms-perfect for the bathroom or laundry room.

The mixture is the scent and tap water. Fill it up and forget about it. The water naturally evaporates over time and you just refill it. It's totally green. No additives or chemicals, just water and fragrance. You control the strength of the fragrance by adding or cutting the fragrance. Easy!

I ordered several of their fragrances. The package sells for $15.00. The kit includes the fragrance/eye dropper and sticks. The bottle is not included but most of use have something decorative around we can use. I think these will make great Christmas gifts because they are so different from what's out there in the stores. Check the link to the right of this post (upper right hand corner) and it will take you to their site. All the information is there.

Scents include-
apple cinnamon
stargazer .....and more.
Their web site gives you a complete description of the scents and their components.

Below shows how the sticks actually look. You can see they are much more substantial than the diffuser reeds you get in the retail stores.

For those of you that use the "effusion lamps", you can also use your own scents to drop into the glass jar. Remember, the sticks are reusable and last forever. Now that's a bargain.

I just noticed that they have a promotion going for a free refill with purchase. Great!! The code is listed on the ad, at the bottom.

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  1. I just happened on your post about decorative corners for door openings. Where do you find these - online? We're in MD near DC. Your help is appreicated!

  2. I purchased these wood corners at the Home Depot.

  3. great blog! i'm just getting started... i'd welcome any comments/feedback!!