Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween-A Day Late and a dollar short....

I had the best of intentions!! Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time........
I planned on making these pumpkin candles for my screened in porch several months ago. I purchased the orange & black tissue paper and the glass containers (dollar store) a long time ago, but I just lost track of time and got too busy. So here is the best I can do-two completed candles (and honestly, I finished one up while answering the door last night).

I'm pathetic......I know.......

If you are interested in making these candles follow the directions here. I made 8 of these for the spring and they came out great. I do plan on making 6 more of these pumpkin candles to complete the set, each with a different face. I'll leave them out until Thanksgiving. What the heck, right?

I enjoy making them and love the way to turn out so I'll be making 8 more for Christmas. I had better start soon....

Here they are completed.

I also made these headstones-thought they would look cute on the table for Halloween next to everyones plate.......never finished them either. ugh.........
They did come out cute though. I used some scrap wood and cut them out using a scroll saw. I purchased myself one of these saws a year ago and I continue to experiment, create and just have some fun with it. So maybe I'll use them next year. Yes, there is always next year.
I spray painted these tombstones white and then hit them with some grey. Now, I'll hand paint some RIPS with names or something. They all have a small piece of wood glued behind them to keep them standing up.

01 02 03
04 05 06
07 08 11 12

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