Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wrought Iron Everywhere

Wrought Iron In The Home

The beauty of wrought iron is its great when it's new, old and also used.  There is so much you can do with it.  More and more I've been seeing it in the retail home stores, garage sales, thrift stores and salvage yards.  You can change the color of it or leave it just like it is with the rust on it.  Along with prints, paintings and other wall art, wrought iron can blend in and add details to any room.

If you get a piece that is rusty just
 scrape it down with a wire brush, prime and paint using Rustoleum.  You can even clear coat it for extra protection.

One of my favorite products to embellish wrought iron is Rub-n-Buff, which comes in several colors.  You can find it in craft stores like Michael's or Joanne's Fabric Store.

Below is a wrought iron piece that I purchased at Kirkland's for under $25.00.  Originally it was red but changes were made in the den recently so I decided to spray it green.  I'll be adding some gold Rub-and-Buff to the edges.

The photo below shows door frame corners.  Frames out the door and adds some detail.

Below is another piece purchased for under $15.00 at Kirkland's. It sits between two windows
Below a wrought iron medallion hanging in a bathroom.
Oh yes.....wrought iron furniture.

Here is something a little different.  Wrought iron under glass and framed. 
So if you are getting sick of prints, paintings, plates and photographs, look in the direction of wrought iron.

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