Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Handmade Soaps, lotions and more...

All Natural, for Your Body

I have a good friend from New Jersey that started making soaps and lotions in her house ten years ago.  Being the perfectionist that she is, she worked hard over the years to perfect all her
 recipes.  As the story goes, the more people that used her products the more orders she got.  After placing products in local stores, doing some craft shows and taking orders from repeat customers, my friend Antoinette, is finally selling on the Internet. 

I am a big believer in homemade items and start up businesses, so I decided to place an order and find out for myself why she has so many repeat customers.  

The name of the company is Buena Vista Soapery and all items can be found on ArtFire.com
If you are not familiar with ArtFire, it's an online marketplace for handmade items.  It's a great site to research the talents of various artists, not to mention buying some great things.

All products that are listed have complete descriptions and ingredients.  All ingredients are completely natural.
Pictured above are some great products that I ordered.  Mango Face Cream, Skin Therapy Lotion and Fluffy Sugar Scrub.  
Mango Face Cream
mango butter
kokum butter
rosehip seed oil
wheat protein

I love this face cream.  I need the moisture (ugh.....old age) but hate the grease.  This cream went on smoothly and stayed on all day.  I wore it under my makeup and never had that greasy feeling.

Skin Therapy Lotion
First I noticed the smell.  It's just so nice.  I think a guy could use this as well. It doesn't clash with other colognes either.  It's light and weirdly refreshing. I say weirdly because you don't expect that in a lotion.  It actually cooled me down after putting it on........never felt that before.  I like this stuff!  I can only imagine using this lotion after a cool shower in the summer. 

Fluffy Sugar Scrub-I haven't used this one yet, but check out the ingredients.  Sugar, Olive Oil, hempseed oil, Soybean Oil and Soy Extract.  These are not ingredients I have seen in the scrubs I've bought in Walmart.  Ok, well I can't even pronounce most of those ingredients.

Above are the soaps...OMG.  I won't be able to buy Dial or Irish Spring any more.  These are delicious, all natural soaps that lather up a soothing blend of botanicals.
I especially love the Cucumber Aloe Sea Salt.
Pure Sea Salt
Organic Yogurt (yum!)
Pureed cucumbers
Aloe Vera (oh, she grows this in her backyard, so yes, it's all natural)
Olive Oil
Shea Butter

So, the economy stinks.  I get that.  I clip coupons, shop at the Goodwill and same my pennies too but I do feel I can spend some money on myself sometimes.

Buena Vista Soapery is having a sale this month giving everyone 15% off all these great products.  Take a look.....

Happy Shopping

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