Thursday, April 16, 2009

Saving On Electricity Where You Can

Saving Money on Electricity

Three teenagers!  Do I need to say more?  Lights are left on........and on.........and on.  Despite my ramblings, lectures and pleadings, the lights still do not get turned off.  I now have something to fight the battle with.

Go for it kids, leave them on!!!  It's not going to cost me much now. I have help.

 I originally heard about money saving light bulbs for Clark Howard.  He is our consumer guru here in Atlanta.  Clark started  a radio show here years ago that eventually went national.  I'm a huge fan and listen to him on a regular basis.  He is a fountain of information and you should check him out.

These bulbs are the newest technology and can save you a bundle. Clark says you can take them with you when you move (really?).  They last that long.  Annual cost of operate $0.38,  90% more efficient compared to incandescent and halogen bulbs. These bulbs give you a whopping 30,000 hours of life!  Also, they contain no Mercury like those spiral bulbs that have been out in the stores for a while. 

Pictured above is the package they come in -I'll admit they are a little funky looking.  These particular bulbs pictures are for indoor track lighting or indoor recessed down lights otherwise known as high-hats.  They retail for $14.95.  Yes, that does seem very high for 2 bulbs but remember you are getting 30,000 hours of life.  I've been picking up one package at a time at Sam's Club.  That's the only place that seems to have them right now around here. 

They also can be ordered online from the American company that produces them called Lights of America, Inc.

Now, I am going to tell you something important.  These lights are not for everyone.  They are very "blue" in color.  I would not use them in any rooms where I would read or need very good lighting.  They are very, very good for rooms where kids linger  (they are after all, the culprits).  I have a basement that has 8 high hats in the play area and 6 more in my son's room.  I have replaced all of those 14 lights.  I think I may save lots of money with the replacements.  They also make them in candle-bulbs so I have replaced my front porch lights.  They actually look very nice out there and can stay on all night for security. There are 3 hall lights in the basement that I have replaced as well.  When the lights are put on, they look very much like "natural" outdoor light, almost as if there is a skylight window above.  I won't use these lights in my den, living room, dining room or kitchen.  They are terrific for the areas where lights tend to be left on. You can also use them outside as flood lights.  That's a savings if you leave them on all night or they are motion activated.

.38 a year


Those kids can leave them on now and I can afford it!

Remember, they emit a cool, blue light.  Very different from what we are use to but they are very useful in certain rooms and outdoors. Shops, laundry rooms, closets, flood lights, motion activated lights, basements and outdoor lanterns.
You may want to check these out.


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  1. It's good that LED lights have finally hit the general market. They do tend to be blue, but if you "mix" them with regular bulbs in the lamps that are used less frequently then they can be wonderful.

    I had not realized that these were on the market. I guess I'll be working my way towards switching out all our bulbs soon.

  2. this is really nice. i hope it last long like those normal CFLs..