Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ceiling Medallions

How You Can Spice Them Up

You've seen them out there-ceiling medallions. Available in the home improvement stores these can add architectural design and can hide imperfections on your ceilings. Most of them come in plain white. You can paint them to match your room or antique them-giving them an older look.

This one hangs in my dining room above the table. I used colors from the room and painted the disc with acrylics. I always seal them with a clear coat before hanging.

The medallion below was painted in the same way using acrylics. This had more detail, but the pattern was already on the disc and that made it very easy to follow. I have two of these hanging over ceiling fans on the screened porch. The colors are a bit more vibrant but the outdoor porch can handle the additional color.

Lastly, this hangs in the kitchen above the stove. Since the kitchen didn't look like it needed any more color, I antiqued this using a stain. I just wiped the stain along the disc.

Just imagine what you can do with these. Ceiling medallions can also be used for wall art. They actually make nice mirrors. You paint the disk, insert mirror where the hole is and you're done.

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  1. Very nice! This is something I've never considered. Thanks for posting and sharing.

  2. Great idea! As I was reading your post, I was thinking "this would look good as a chalkboard frame or picture frame or .....mirror." Great minds, I guess. :)

    I love how you painted them. I've only ever seen them just white. They look terrific.

  3. I agree. You can do lots of things with these medallions! I bet they would make great picture frames.

  4. I have thought about using medallions as wall art before, but have not found any I like well enough to fix up yet. Still looking!