Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fabric-Create It Your Way

I'm in the mood to change the colors in the master bedroom. The room is just looking too dark to me, so I'm changing the color scheme to robin's egg blue and brown. I know these colors are trendy, but that fact really doesn't bother me. I'm the one that has to sleep there, so I'll pick the colors I want-don't you think?

Last year I purchased a white down comforter and a duvet cover to protect it. I didn't like the selection of duvet covers out there last year and I like them less this year. I was also shocked at the prices and quality. Could the colors of these things look any more drab??? While I was searching for the duvet cover, I looked around at curtains. I was once again shocked at the prices and the limited selection of colors. It seems to me that curtains come in standard colors of beige, white, green, burgundy or brown. Not a lot of variety out there.

The solution is that you have to make your own. A duvet cover is just a giant pillowcase anyway. I thought about sewing two king size sheets together, but couldn't find any interesting sheets. I relented and decided to buy two flat king sheets (in ivory) and make a rather large coverlet to place over the bed. This saves me some money, otherwise I would have to purchase 9 yards of fabric to make a complete duvet cover. So I have a plain duvet, but a colorful cover to go over it.

Armed with my 50% off coupon, I went to Joanne's fabric store and purchased my fabric. Interestingly enough, they will let you use two coupons (if they are from 2 different sources-Internet, Sunday flyer or mail) and use them to buy two cuts of fabrics.

Below are three of the four fabrics I'm using. With these fabrics I'm making a large throw for a king size bed, three 26" X 26" European square pillows and one neck roll. The curtains will come later.

Below is the throw tossed over my bed. I lined this blanket with a blue and brown plaid that was $4.00 a yard. With coupon $2.00 per yard. The top fabric was $30.00 a yard (ouch!), but I got that for $15.00. This throw took 3 yards, plus the fabric is wide at 60".

Check out the fringe. Remember this stuff??? It's very retro, probably dating back to the 70's. The down comforter is white, but tomorrow I'll get around to sewing my duvet cover together or maybe I'll use last years model. Either way, it should go fine with the new coverlet.

Below is the plaid fabric that is under the throw. It coordinates with the color, but no one will actually see. For 2 bucks a yard, I'm not worried about it.

Below is the first of three square European square pillows I'm working on right now. I used a coordinating fabric to create one triangle that runs down to the center of my pillow. At the tip I'll have the decorative button and then sew on the tassel. Two pillows will look like this and the third will be different. Not all of them are done yet. Once I have all the pillows completed and a bed skirt done (not sure I'll make it or buy one), I'll take a final photo to show you the completed look. These square pillows seem to be taking the place of the old shams we used on our beds and I definitely like that look.

I have to say that all this is pretty fun and relatively easy. It's basically sewing up squares. The trick is getting your fabric for a good price. That may require a few additional trips out and coupons to boot. In the end though, you have a custom look and something that you like. You definitely won't find this out in the stores.

I'll keep you posted on the re-do!

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  1. These look great! Love the blanket, especially. Everything looks so fresh and coordinated but at the same time it has a lot of personality and charm. Kudos!

  2. I love your colors and fabric choices. :) Looking forward to your "after" pictures.