Thursday, August 21, 2008

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

It's hard to resist collecting shells when you're at the beach. Seashells vary so much in color and shape depending on what part of the coast you are visiting. While vacationing in Florida two years ago, we picked up some real beauties- perfectly shaped and in wonderful pastel colors. This year the coast of North Carolina offered crushed up, tiny pieces of shells. So I had a couple of bags of shells collected from two separate vacations and needed to come up with a creative way to display them.

I love seashells, but they don't exactly match my decor. That didn't stop me from wanting to create something. Now that it's done (and yes, it took a long time to do), I'm not sure exactly what I'll do with it or where it's final resting place will be. I'm thinking it would make a great table or a lazy susan perched on the kitchen table. Whatever I decide, it will land up always reminding me of the two vacations we took. Ah, the memories..........

The seashells that surround the perimeter are from the Florida beaches-perfect in size and color. The center shells are all from the North Carolina beach, tiny pieces of shell all crushed up. They lay flat enough that you can actually place a cup on it. I started this project by purchasing a "pine round" from Lowe's (around $10.00). I used clear drying glue to fasten the perimeter shells to the round board. Here is a closer look at all the little shells that were glued onto the board. I added the tiny shells with a teaspoon and moved them around with tweezers. In case you think I've lost my mind-you would be correct. I have to admit that I did all this at night while watching television. It actually was very therapeutic.
The edges where painted a salmon color and the whole thing was coated with glossy, triple thick clear spray.
Hey, it's a real memory keeper!

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  1. n-e-a-t-o I love to have that kind of useful memory keeper.