Sunday, August 17, 2008

Quickly Organizing Ideas

Organize all those great ideas!

I love sifting through magazines for creative ideas. I admit there have been times that I found some great ideas, ripped them out and lost them. I came up with an idea to keep all those great ideas together.

Eventually, when I get a chance, I go back and find the ideas and actually make them. All it takes is a large binder and a box of clear protective page covers. Rip out your directions, ideas and photos and stuff them inside those protective covers for the future. I've actually kept all my wallpaper and paint samples in here in case, at some point I need them. Here is what it looks like:

Great for keeping wallpaper samples, paint chips and fabric pieces.

Cut out great ideas from magazines. More ideas..................

Look carefully at the photo below. I found this idea years ago in a home decorating magazine. I decided to give it a try and make some for myself. I thought they were so cute.

These are folk-art skull vessels-great for licorice and candy. These are on my counter top around Halloween. They are actually clay pots painted with white and black acrylic paint.I got the idea from a magazine, held on to it for a few months and then decided to make them. So, if you are like me you'll need a place to store all your collected ideas. 01 02 03
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  1. Oh, I do that, too! It does help me find those wonderful ideas later.

    Love the skulls! Will have to Bookmark, which I guess would be the online version of the notebook, huh?

  2. I do that too! In fact it was accidentally packed when we were building this house and I was amazed to see all of my choices that matched my notebook choices!!
    great idea!!

  3. This really does work to help organize all those magazine ideas and cut outs. It's also a place to keep all kinds of wallpaper and fabric pieces.

    I'm glad to see that others use this idea as well.